Why Should You Attend?






Healthcare Executives




Physical Therapists






  • Understand the shifting revenue paradigm.
  • Discover new anesthesia and orthopedic strategies to improve outcome and workflow.
  • Manage the orthopedic surgical patient in the context of VBC.
  • Role of PSH for MIPS and APM requirements for anesthesiologists and orthopedic surgeons.
  • ASA & AAOS have both endorsed the Perioperative Surgical Home Model.

Healthcare Executives

  • Improve orthopedic patient outcomes while streamlining care delivery and reducing expense.
  • Discover how VBC is being clinically practiced in different setting.
  • Recognize shared challenges faced by all healthcare stakeholders.
  • Get valuable pointers to improve your results on VBC procedures.
  • Work more productively with the clinical team.

Nurses and Physical Therapists

  • Gain new ideas for improving current episode of care.
  • Discover evidenced-based best practices.
  • Network with other nurses, nurse-navigators and APRN.
  • Define Enhanced Recovery and PSH.
  • Plan Enhanced Recovery and PSH implementation at your own hospital.
  • Gain insights from leading organizations in the orthopedic space.

At A Glance

Over 35 world class, interdisciplinary speakers

Over 60 cutting-edge, rapid-fire breakout sessions

3 Specialized Boot Camps to build a successful ambulatory orthopedic practice

3 interactive tracks that will cover your entire team: Clinical, Financial, and Operational

Complete flexibility when it comes to exploring different tracks

Endless interdisciplinary networking opportunities

Three Bootcamps to Build your Ambulatory Orthopedic Practice

Cutting-edge interactive boot camps that help clinicians and administrators join forces to build a successful ambulatory orthopedic practice.


Building an Orthopedic Bundle

This boot camp will teach you how to build a commercial or government bundle, or an alternative payment model. Our speakers are experts who developed bundles and models in their respective organizations. This is not an academic exercise boot camp but rather one that will be using a hands-on approach.

Building an ASC Ambulatory Practice

As the orthopedic practice in the US continues to shift to an outpatient setting, it is paramount for all stakeholders to understand how to build and maintain such an entity. Speakers are clinician and administrator experts in the area of outpatient joint, shoulder, and spine surgery.

Building an ASC Orthopedic ERAS-Perioperative Surgical Home Program

The increased complexity of our patients calls for optimization of multiple perioperative components. The perioperative surgical home and ERAS are uniquely suited innovative clinical models for this environment. Speakers are US leaders in this space and the topics were specifically selected for a combined clinician-administrator audience.


Medacta is joining us this year to provide hands-on training on cadavers in two labs. Expert instructors will provide instructions and guidance using the latest and innovative techniques to improve your practice.

Medacta Hip & Knee Arthroplasty
Cadaveric Session

This innovative musculoskeletal workshop includes, Anterior Approach Total Hip Arthroplasty, Uni-compartmental and Total Knee Arthroplasty utilizing Single Use Instrumentation. Also featured are new patient specific 3D printed surgical guide technologies that reduce surgical time, minimize instrumentation, and reduce imaging requirements for arthroplasty and pedicle screw placement.

Medacta Regional Anesthesia
Cadaveric Session

This workshop will utilize cadavers for identification of landmarks associated with regional anesthetic techniques under ultrasound guidance. Participants will be able to practice each technique on cadavers by going through steps necessary in performing a successful procedure. Blocks to be discussed will include interscalene, TAPs, PECs, adductor canal, and popliteal blocks.

Credit Designation

Duke University Health System Clinical Education and Professional Development as a jointly accredited activity with 18 credits for nurses and physicians. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

What Did Past Conference Participants Say?

"Good mix of content related to orthopedic bundle programs and all of the important things that must be attended to in order to be successful. The break-out sessions were outstanding."

William Wilkison, Vice President, Ambulatory Care and Ancillary Services, Pinnacle Health System

"Having the different tracks was very important. Our team was able to divide and conquer. We all got so much out of this conference and we're able to re-group and share."

Joseph Dominguez, MD, Medical Director, Anesthesiology, Northbay Healthcare

"Loved the ability to interact in a multidisciplinary fashion. Having different perspectives (physicians, nurses, administrators) was helpful to see the larger picture."

Ann Smith RN, Orthopedic Program Manger, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

2018 OVBC Feedback:

“Provided an amazing interdisciplinary mix of personnel to discuss the complexities of a changing healthcare environment.” “Arranged a group of experts who were passionate about their topic positions and were able to eloquently present the information.”
“Current and relevant information with the tools to advance a program.” “Well organized with great speakers. Really ignited my passion for orthopedics.”
“Wonderful speakers- loved the app availability and ease to access power point slides.” “I particularly liked the fact I was able to converse one on one with some of the speakers and to get information from them.”
“The conference was very well organized with many opportunities to talk to other health care providers from around the country to compare programs and processes.” “I was very interested in same day joints so I found the bootcamp day interesting and helpful. The discussion panels were excellent. I like being able to switch tracks in the afternoon depending in the topic. I loved the energetic music during breaks.”
“The content of the presentations was outstanding and will help me make changes to my practice's protocols.” “Condensed a lot of info into a short period of time. Gave useful information to apply to new program starts ups.”
“I enjoyed that you brought multiple different groups together for one conference and high focus on new evidence based practice in orthopedics.” “Was a great accomplishment to be able to pack essentially to capacity a ballroom full of people from all parts of the USA and beyond, from different specialties and all with the same interest and goals in mind…”

Changes to the 2019 Program

We listened to your feedback and made improvements to this year’s program. Some of the changes implemented for our third annual conference:

  • Sunday’s agenda has been shortened to allow our out-of-town visitors to allocate time to travel.
  • More bootcamps. This year we have three bootcamps scheduled separately to allow for participants to attend one, two or all three bootcamps.
  • Cadaveric Lab – A brand new all-day hands-on activity brought on by Medacta and lead by physician expects in Anesthesia and Orthopedic Surgery.
  • More outstanding speakers joining us this year to share their expertise in topics suggested by past conference attendants.

We welcome feedback. After all, this conference is for you!

Other suggestions? Email us: [email protected]