Our Mission

Gone are the days of “business as usual.” Health care in the United States is facing a crisis in both the quality and the cost of care delivered. It’s time for a fundamentally new strategy; and the pivot towards value-based care is well underway.

Of course, shifting this focus in a complex and frequently disjointed environment is difficult, and this transformation is not achieved in a single step.

It requires an overarching strategy; a new framework that mandates increased accountability for outcomes and a streamlined workflow for improved efficiency.

The only way to effectively break the silos of our fragmented and costly perioperative system is for all stakeholders and health care providers to come together in one space, where all of our voices can be heard.

ACPM is the only society of its kind to give equal voices to all members of the surgical journey.

The American College of Perioperative Medicine (ACPM) is a non-profit, inclusive organization dedicated to providing an educational and collaborative experience for all healthcare stakeholders. Our conferences, boot camps, and web-based consulting services are aimed at challenging the current perioperative structure and facilitating the shift towards evidence-based, standardized, patient-centered care.

The ACPM mission is to transform the way we deliver care across the surgical continuum by breaking down the silos in our fragmented healthcare system and achieving a patient-centric system of care.

Our membership includes healthcare providers, patients, healthcare executives, pharmaceutical and medical device representatives, payers and employers. Our patient-centric organization focuses on delivering high quality, value-based, clinical care to patients from the time a decision for surgery is made through the operative period to full recovery.

We believe that when we bring healthcare leaders and providers together in one room, positive change can happen.