Past Conferences

When was the last time you had physicians, nurses, healthcare executives, rehabilitation experts, physical therapists and many others in one conference?

Our conference provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to collaborate and align incentives for healthcare reform. Our goals are to increase value, coordination and communication across the continuum of care. This is how we improve outcomes and lower costs.

2018 Surgical Healthcare Challenge: This is a unique 48-hour hackathon that will bring together members spanning the whole healthcare ecosystem. Participants will be divided into teams that will consist of patients, nurses, doctors, engineers, developers, designers, business people, insurance, and policy experts. Over a weekend, these teams will attack specific healthcare challenges using a diverse and interdisciplinary approach. Winners will be announced at the end of the meeting.

2018 Interdisciplinary Conference on Orthopedic Value Base Care: These presents the chance for teams to explore the financial, operational and clinical components involved in pursuit of achieving value-based care. While these models are typically divorced, we address them together in an intimate networking atmosphere. Our first two conference sold out and was a stunning success.